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ACTION, Inc. is looking for the best candidate to fill the HEAD OF OPERATION FOR REGION III position.

Submit your letter of intent and curriculum vitae to and/or until July 31, 2021.

The title/subject of your email must be the position you are applying for. We regret that only qualified candidates will be notified.

***For more information about our organization, please call (047) 602-1710 / 0961-552-5853 or visit

Work Assignment:

Olongapo City

Date of Employment:

August 2, 2021


Job Description for Head of Operations for Region III

The Head of Operation’s (HOO) primary responsibility is to ensure the successful implementation of all projects in Region III through effective project and team management.

S/he will work closely with the Project Coordinators to track the management of projects in relation to the plans. S/he will provide technical assistance to the Project Coordinators whenever necessary. S/he is expected to provide status reports to the Management Committee to enable the leadership to make sound decisions regarding projects.

In the absence of the Executive Director, the Head of Operations may be deputized by the ED to act on his/her behalf.

S/he shall report directly to the Executive Director and may be called by the BOT to provide feedback and reports about the projects. Specifically, the Head of Operations is expected to perform the following:


Project Management

The HOO shall supervise the implementation of all projects under the Chikara Program such as the Dance no Chikara, Karate no Chikara, Iyashi no Chikara, Chikara Life Skills Plus, Educational Assistance, Coalition Against Trafficking of Children, and all other future projects that will be implemented in Region III.

Specifically, the HOO is expected to:

  1. Establish project management discipline using proven project management tools and methodologies;
  2. Ensure the quality and timely accomplishments of all the project aims, objectives, outputs and goal;
  3. Coordinate the activities of the project to efficiently produce effective and economical information management solutions;
  4. Monitor and track all projects against the plans considering the process, milestones, timeframe and resources through conduct of regular visits to project sites, and consultation meeting, among other means to verify, project status, and prepare regular status reports for management review and action;
  5. Support the Project Coordinators in the development, design and enhancement of projects in line with the VMG of the organization;
  6. Support the management and project leaders in inter-project coordination and coordinate work plans for integration and shared deliverables; and
  7. Provide support where necessary to ensure consistent delivery of quality service


Human Resource

  1. Directly supervise the Project Coordinator/s and ensure that Project Officers and all employees perform their functions according to Philippine laws and this Manual;
  2. Ensure that Project Coordinators and other supervisees understand their job description to duly accomplish their plans and performance plans on time by providing support during performance planning discussions, coaching sessions and monthly check-ins
  3. Conduct capacity building activities (orientation, training activities and learning sessions) and provide technical support to project teams; and
  4. Co-facilitate the interview and selection of staff as stated in the Personnel Recruitment section of this manual.


Public Relations

  1. The Head of Operations shall be the ED’s alternate representative in public activities and engagements;
  2. Establish and maintain strategic alliances and collaboration, linkages, networks and partnerships with local and national organizations in line with the realization of children’s rights; and
  3. Engage in a positive working with partners, children and other stakeholders and ensure adequate information flow.



  1. Support the management in processing review and follow up on different projects working with project leaders as needed;
  2. Assist the management in the documentation and development of detailed project plans for the specific projects as needed;
  3. Maintain project plans of all projects including log versions, approval, and status;
  4. Consolidate mid-year and annual reports, orientation papers, position papers and other papers for program related publications and in coordination with concerned persons and/or units within the organization;
  5. Submit timely and quality report to ED;
  6. Participate in regular staff, network meetings, orientations, workshops, trainings as necessary;
  7. In the exigency of duty, the Head of Operations may be assigned by the Executive Director to serve as custodian or approving authority for the Petty Cash of his/her office of assignment, whichever applies; and
  8. Performs other duties as required by the ED.

Job Qualifications/Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in either social work, non-profit management or other relevant field is a must; advanced degree in similar field would be a distinct advantage;
  2. At least 5 years work experience in program management and development; has excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills among employees, stakeholders and partners;
  3. Able to work well in a multidisciplinary work environment and can work under pressure;
  4. Able to understand finance related matters,
  5. Able to multi-task, set priorities, can effectively manage time and meet deadlines;
  6. Has a very good command of the English language both in oral and written forms;
  7. Able to demonstrate basic Information Technology (IT) skills such as but not limited to managing social media pages and websites, and can use online applications for project management; and
  8. Willing to work and travel in areas covered by the project.


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