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Born 1976 in Tokyo Japan
Graduated from Asia University in Japan and currently resides in Manila.

Hajime is the President and Founder of and NPO called ACTION. He first visited the Philippines in 1994 when Mount Pinatubo erupted and wanted to extend his help in rebuilding the orphanage from the damaged caused by the eruption. This prompted his passion for social justice in the Philippines.

He went on to establish ACTION as an NPO organization, which commemorated its 25th anniversary in 2019. He has also extended his work in India, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Romania and has presented his projects to the emperor and the empress of in 2001.

Hajime is a Karate Black belter. His work also extends to developing the youth through Karate and various other programs which can be read in detail on the ACTION website. It is his mission to enable communities and stakeholders to realize child’s rights and achieve a better quality of life. Vision, a world where children can fully achieve their rights and ACTION. A goal to create a world of a child-friendly society.