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ACTION receives the 2023 Outstanding Auxiliary SWDA Award

We are very proud to announce that ACTION, Inc. has received the 2023 Outstanding Auxiliary Social Welfare and Development Agency award from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

This honor is bestowed upon only five (5) Social Work Agencies and five (5) Auxiliary Social Welfare and Development Agencies in the entire Philippines this year. This recognition underscores ACTION’s significant contributions to the lives of the children and youth we serve and the broader society.

Over the past 29 years, ACTION has strived to create a positive impact in various key areas of child protection. We have been recognized for our development of pioneering social technologies, and our work has played a pivotal role in building the capacity of social workers, houseparents, business owners in the transportation and tourism sectors, and children and youth across the Philippines. Our focus areas include child protection, houseparenting, life skills for children in general, children at risk, and children in conflict with the law, anti-trafficking of children, and adolescent reproductive health. We are steadfast in our commitment to creating a child-friendly world for children, and have advocated for national and local policies for child protection.

This award, the highest recognition that ACTION has received over the years, reaffirms the importance and impact of our work. We dedicate this honor to all the children and youth that we serve, and it further inspires us to continue taking ACTION for children!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Department of Social Welfare and Development for this recognition, to the children and youth, and to our partners and donors for trusting our organization, and to everyone who has supported our mission.

Thank you very much!


Read DSWD’s Official Article:


Photos: Kaoru Okada (Manila Shinbun)

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