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ACTION, Inc. and US Peace Corps successfully complete the Virtual Service Pilot Program

Today, ACTION, Inc. is proud to announce the successful completion of the US Peace Corps Virtual Service Pilot Program (VSPP) engagement with the US Peace Corps. The program was a collaboration between US Peace Corps represented by its Country Director Ms. Jenner Edelman, US Peace Corps Service Response Coordinator Mr. Milosil Cruz, and ACTION, Inc., led by its Founder and President Mr. Hajime Yokota. The US Peace Corps introduced Ms. Jennifer Miller, a human resources expert to assist ACTION via the VSPP.

Ms. Jennifer Miller, Peace Corps virtual volunteer helped ACTION improve its human resource management practices and taught the staff about coaching and mentoring. Ms. Miller brings 10+ years of combined HR and coaching experience, as well as a strong operations and business background. She is a Certified ICF-ACC Level coach and is passionate about helping organizations like ACTION, succeed.

Ms. Jennifer Miller and ACTION staff members during a session on coaching and mentoring.

The US Peace Corps Virtual Service Pilot Program is a program that allows Peace Corps Volunteers to serve their communities from anywhere in the world. The program allows volunteers to use technology to connect with their host communities and provide support remotely. Volunteers can use virtual tools to teach English, provide technical assistance, and support community development projects. The program is designed to help volunteers stay connected to their host communities and continue to make a difference even when they are not able to be physically present.

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