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USAID Philippines features ACTION, Inc. in their Mission Weekly Report

 Image: Screenshot of the USAID Newsletter

USAID Philippines sends out newsletter to its email subscribers and ACTION, Inc. was featured in its USAID/Philippines and Mongolia, Mission Weekly Report, Week of June 17.

USAID Facilitates Stakeholder Collaboration to Enhance Anti-Trafficking Law in Olongapo City. The State Department’s 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report: Philippines identified Olongapo, a popular tourist destination, as a location for sex trafficking. USAID, in partnership with A Child’s Trust is Ours to Nurture (ACTION), Inc. supported a public hearing on the enhancement of Olongapo City’s anti-trafficking ordinance. Over 300 stakeholders from the city and barangay local government units, local businesses, schools, religious groups, and non-government and civil society organizations participated in the hearing, which was held on June 4. Speakers shared ideas to strengthen Olongapo City’s existing ordinance and suggested actions that private sector actors can take to stop trafficking. So what? Engaging with the public and private sectors to strengthen legislation is a crucial step in deterring traffickers and protecting human rights. [Strength CTIP]

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Over 300 people participated in a public hearing to strengthen an anti-trafficking law in Olongapo.

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