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Hasami No Chikara (Power of Scissors)

Hasami no Chikara is the first project under the Chikara program which started in 2013. Its main objective is to equip residents of residential facilities for children with skills in hair design in
preparation for independent living or reintegration to their respective communities. The project has expanded in 2015 to include community-based beneficiaries from partner communities of ACTION.IMG_0642v2

Through this project, underprivileged children and youth gain  marketable skills in hair styling so they can have a better income opportunities later in life.

The beneficiaries learn from 2 prominent Filipino hair stylists and 4 Japanese hair designers who provide their services for
free. Regular trainings are conducted once a month.

IMG_0676v2A total of 19 participants are currently engaged in hair styling/designing training. Participants from Olongapo City and nearby towns meet at ACTION Chikara Studio, Olongapo for practice every week while those from Metro Manila  meet at ACTION Chikara studio in Quezon city.