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The main beneficiaries of ACTION, Inc.’s projects are children. These are children coming from impoverished communities around the locality. One of the projects provides support services to child care facilities, both run by the government and by NGOs situated in Region 3, by providing developmental trainings to the children under their care. These child care facilities provide shelter, recovery and rehabilitative services to children coming from difficult circumstances such as those victim-survivors of abuse and exploitation, abandoned, orphans, children in conflict with the law (CICL), differently-abled and children from the street. ACTION Inc. also provides educational assistance to selected children and youth from its partner agencies

A separate project supports the training of a group of mothers in livelihood. These mothers come from indigent communities in Olongapo City. Through this project, these mothers are trained in handicraft making, and the finished products are then marketed by ACTION Inc. through NPO-ACTION in Japan. Earnings of these mother’s augment their family’s income. Women empowerment and organizing is also an integral component of this community-based project for mothers.

Furthermore, NPO-ACTION’s Capacity Building Project with the help of ACTION Inc. trains duty bearers such as social workers and house parents on the House Parenting Standards set by DSWD FO-III for the region; and facilitates positive linkage with local agencies promoting and protecting the rights of children.