Chikara Program

“Chikara” is a Japanese term which means “Power”

This is the flagship program of ACTION that aims to develop the capacities and equip children with skills that will help them achieve a healthy mind and body, and to live independently through the following activities:

Dance no Chikara
"Power of Dance"

This project gives children the opportunity to develop their skills in dancing teaching them popular music dance moves. It improves mental and physical capacity of children, it serves as outlets for pent up emotions, and to build self-confidence

Karate no Chikara
"Power of Karate"

This teaches children the Japanese martial arts- Kyokushin Karate. Kyokushin Karate is based on the “philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training.” It improves mental and physical capacity of children, it serves as outlets for pent up emotions, and to build self-confidence.

Iyashi no Chikara
"Power of Therapy"

This project is focused on providing basic and advanced massage therapy training to less fortunate adults so that they will be able to acquire skills that could help them earn extra income for themselves and their families. This is in partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and supported by REJOB – a human resource firm facilitating employment of Health and Wellness professionals to various salons and spa in Japan.

Hasami no Chikara
"Power of Scissors"

This project equips children with skills in hair design in preparation for independent living or reintegration to their respective communities. Through this project, underprivileged children and youth gain  marketable skills in hair styling so they can have a better income opportunities later in life. The beneficiaries learn from 2 prominent Filipino hair stylists and 4 Japanese hair designers who provide their services for

Adolescent Reproductive Health

ACTION provides Adolescent Reproductive Health lessons to 13-18 years old individuals to teach them about the importance of having informed decisions when it comes to their reproductive health. This activity is a component of a project in partnership with Consuelo Foundation.

Child Protection Sessions

These sessions aim to teach children about their rights and responsibilities. This activity is a component of a project in partnership with Consuelo Foundation.

Educational Assistance

This project provides for the transportation allowance, school fees and school uniform of select children from poor communities.

Livelihood Assistance

ACTION, Inc. opened its doors to mothers who are willing to earn extra income by creating unique handicrafts such as earrings, bracelets, pouches, coin purses, name card cases, and many other practical products. Some of these items are created from recycled snack and candy wrappers. Through this project, the mothers can earn additional income for their family.

Capacity Building for Social Workers and Houseparents

This capacitates social workers and houseparents in providing improved services to children in residential care facilities. This was funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2012-2019. The Department of Social Welfare and Development adopted this training through a policy, the Memorandum Circular 14 series of 2019.

Life Skills Intervention for Children

ACTION, DSWD, and other non-government and government residential care facilties, through the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, have developed a structured and age-appropriate life skills intervention for children. The modules cover 10 core topics that teach the following: self-awareness, self-care, life-goal setting, spirituality, problem solving and decision making, effectively managing emotions and stress, Interpersonal Communication, Empathy, Social Responsibility, and Financial Literacy.

International Understanding Program

In partnership with the Musashino City Board of Education, ACTION has been facilitating interactive learning sessions to grade school students to better understand the culture of different countries. Also, part of this program is to facilitate the exchange of letters and videos between Japanese and Filipino elementary school students, to better understand each other’s way of life.

Work Camps and Study Tours

In Japan, ACTION offers Work Camps and Study Tours as an opportunity for Japanese peoples to know the current state of developing countries, especially Philippines. This program provides the participants the opportunity to learn and help Filipino families through community immersion.


Guided by the adage, it takes a village to raise a child, ACTION spreads information regarding the need to protect and realize the rights of children.  With their rights being realized and protected, it will be easier for children to reach their full potential. ACTION doe its advocacy campaigns through the Annual Recital of Chikara Children, Celebration of International Children’s Day and engagement with DSWD, LGU, and other networks.