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Online Registration

Thank you for registering with ACTION’s BUBBLE RUN. We shall notify you shortly as to how you can conveniently remit the registration fee to ACTION. Alternatively, you may pay the registration fee online thru our Paypal donate button [paypal_donation_button]


  • I am declaring that my participation in the Fund Raising Event “ACTION’s Bubble Run: Takbo Para sa Karapatang Pambata”, to be held on 20 November 2016, is out of my own free will, desire and volition;
  • I hereby attest to the fact and warrant that I am physically and mentally fit to participate and take part in this Bubble Run, and I have no known illness, physical defects or adverse medical conditions that would render me unfit to participate. If in any case, I subsequently discovered any health problem prior to the event, I shall accordingly refrain from participating in this event;
  • I hereby authorize ACTION (A Child’s Trust Is Ours to Nurture Inc.), and any of its sponsors/donors/partners to use my name, photographs or videos as a consequence of my participation in the Bubble Run event, and shall allow it without any monetary considerations, for the purpose of promoting and/or reporting about the event in broadcast, print or social media;
  • I acknowledge that the registration fee is non-refundable, in case I decide not to join the event for any reason whatsoever,
  • I shall voluntary withdraw from the activity if, in my opinion, the weather and any other environmental condition on the day of the event is not ideal or will pose risk to my health and safety;
  • I am aware that there may be other risks in joining this event, but I have agreed to indemnify and absolve the event organizer from any liabilities that may arise, for I understand that I am completely responsible for my safety during the conduct of this event;
  • I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the organizers of the event and they reserve the right to rescind my participation for any violation thereof.
  • I declare that I have read and understood this DECLARATION OF FITNESS and WAIVER and on my behalf, my heirs, and other executors, I hereby waive and; release all rights or claims for damages that I may have against ACTION (A Child’s Trust Is Ours to Nurture) Inc., its sponsors/donors, and; partners for any illness, injury, damage, loss or even death, which I may sustain during or as a consequences of joining the event.

General Mechanics

1. Participants below 18 years old must secure the permission of their parents/guardians.
2. Children who are 6 years old  and below may join for free provided that either of their parents/guardian is a registered participant. Proof confirming the child’s age must be presented during registration or on the day of the event (for those who will register online). These children must be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times during the event.
3. Bubble Run Bib must be worn at all times during the event.
4. Participants must check in at the starting line 15 minutes before the Bubble Run start.
5. The bubble foam to be used in the event is safe and organic. But all the participants are advised to use any protective eyewear.
6. Please be informed that the run will get the participants wet. Participants are advised to bring a change of dry clothes.

Rules and Regulations

1. Rough physical contact (punching, pushing, scratching, tackling, kicking, or any similar act) between the attendees is strictly prohibited during the event. Violators will be dealt with by the security marshals and be told to leave the event without a refund.
2. Registration fee is non-refundable for failure to attend the event.
3. The organizer is not liable for any damage or loss of any personal belongings during the event.