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Day 7 of Internship Workcamp by Yumi Kuragane

Today, we have a presentation on fundraising.IMG_2420 All the group thought deeply and practiced hard for the presentation. So, it was interesting to listen to all the presentations. We also experienced the office work in Action. I did accounting. It was hard for me since it was my first time to do an office work.

However, I was thankful to experience this office work since it is similar to the job at the companies. Through this experience, I was able to familiarize the office work in different companies.

After lunch, I played with children. We enjoyed running, playing basketball, etc. Even though I was very tired, it was a nice time. After dinner, we had a farewell party. Singing Filipino National Anthem and Japanese song was so much fun.

We practiced “Kumitaisou,” the Japanese coordinated group gymnastics, hard very night. I was glad to make a human pyramid with 10 people smoothly.

Through this week, we were able to experience so many different things, and was able to make many friends. Now I think I will have a great time with my new friends. Thank you!

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