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Day 6 of Internship Workcamp by Sae Kawataka

Today, we did not go outside and thought about tomorrow’s presentation perfectly. So I thought today was so valuable and meaningful day.IMG_2398

We ate dinner with Jireh children. They are more energetic, powerful, and kind than Japanese students.

IMG_2399At dinner, I was worried about that I did not have a spoon or fork, but the girl who was sitting next to me noticed this situation and she went to the kitchen to get those spoon and fork for me.

After she gave them to me, she did not expect to be thanked. Maybe it is natural for her to help someone who needs help. I was touched by her hospitality.

Tomorrow, we have a fundraising presentation. Sometimes we were dead locked and running out of ideas. Even if we worry about this project, we work harder to give a great presentation. I want to see children’s smile more.

I hope every groups can give a great presentation tomorrow.

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