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Day 6 of ACTION’s Internship Program in the Philippines by Minami

Hi, I am Minami, one of the interns in Action.

I am writing here about Day 6.

minami3In the morning, I was preparing for psychosocial program and party for children in Jireh home. We did a rehearsal and discussed what we could improve regarding the plan of activities and games.

In the afternoon, we implemented the psychosocial program with Adora, a psychosocial project staff.
The contents of the program are “Janken Train “as ice breaking, “Blindfold Race”, “Save the Egg” and “Group Running” as their activities.

3-4 Japanese took charge of each activities, “Janken train” and “Group Running”.minami
They considered and implemented the plans of activities.
On the other hand, I was on an evaluation team with two other Japanese interns for these games, so I observed the behaviors of children from different perspective.

From this experience, I found that different part of their characteristics. For example, a naughty boy who is always running outside with us behaved seriously.
I felt their potential so much.
Actually, the others activities, “Blindfold Race” and “Save the Egg” was supervised by Adora.

minami2The purpose of these games is learning about cooperation and teamwork.
They understood the purpose of the game and of course, enjoyed the activities a lot!
It was really good to see their big smiles and the way to work as a team.
After finishing this program, we started preparation for a party.
It was busy today, but I felt happy to work with other Japanese interns to create something new from scratch!

At last, we carried out the party with all children.

We organized 3 games and cake decoration with a pair of Japanese and children.
I was an MC in this party, so I did my best. However, I felt some difficulties to carry out the program smoothly.
Though children seemed enjoy, but it left some reflections in my heart. Therefore, I would like to use what I learned from this experience for the future activities.

In the end, we presented a skit, a parody of Japanese Fair tale called, “Momotaro in Pthe hilippines”.
For example, in this skit, Peachman distributes some rambutan for his fellows, instead of kibidango the Japanese rice cake.

All children, from three to eight-teen years old, laughed a lot during the skit. I was glad to share the pleasure and achievement with other interns through this party.
Today, we had two big events, which we prepared for a couple days, so it was such a productive day!!
I learned a lot today too:)

See you,