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Day 5 of ACTION’s Internship Program in the Philippines by Yuka Tanikawa

Day 5

by Yuka Tanikawa

This morning made me feel sad, wecause we had to leave host family’s house. Especially, I’m about to cry when I say good bye to children.

yuka1We got together with friends at Balaybay elementary school, and go back to Jireh Home. Then we feedback to share the experience, thought. Compare to kids who live in orphanage, the kids who live with parents, have something to rely on, and be supported by their parents or neighbors or relatives.While minimum required living things, due to the surrounded environment, the level of satisfaction and happiness are higher than developed country, we considered. Unfortunately, because of the typhoon attack, the plan that visit to Action’s office hasn’t realized.yuka2

So we talked about preparation of Mental Care Program and party plan for children. In less time, everybody found own role, act and think, we achieved to make one form of programs. Through this planning, our cooperativeness and good atmosphere was growing