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Day 4 of ACTION’s Internship Program in the Philippines by Akane

Day 4

Hi I’m Akane!akane

The 5th activity is homestay in the Philippines. I stayed at Bayno family’s house for a day. The members of this family are mother, a 16 year-old girl Manreen, and the baby Jajha. Grandfather and grandmother also live together in a different house. I brought presents for them, for example, chocolate cookies, fruit candies, a bracelet, and origami which is Japanese colored square papers. I talked to grandfather about not only Japan but also Cebu and the Philippines. I learned many things through our conversation.

A girl liked making bracelets, so we made them together. Also she liked and was good at drawing. She drew my family and her family including me! I became a member of Bayno family!  J

In addition, the baby Jajah sometimes cried during my staying. I took care of her. I did “Inai inai bah!” the Japanese peekaboo. She stopped crying whenever I did it for her.

It was surprising to hear pouring rain during homestay.

Through the homestay, I found something that is different from Japan.

akane2Firstly, culture of food is different. In Japan, we eat three times a day, but in the Philippines, five times a day including merienda, the snack once in the morning and once in the evening. My stomach was so full of food, and I was happy to be honest *heart

Filipino food is so delicious. Adobong manok and Nilangang baka. These tasted just like Japanese food called Nimono and Yasay soup.

Secondly, mothers’ affection for children is different. In the Philippines, children receive much more affection from mothers.  I recalled my childhood while I was looking at the relationship with mothers and children, and realized how important mothers are for children.

I was really happy when they told me that “If you ever come back to the Philippines, stay at my house!” I felt the warmth of Filipinos.

Thank you Philippines!