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Day 2 – Free Haircut Event for Pupils of Kalalake Elementary School

Day 2

The free haircut event for pupils started with a simple and warm ceremony by Kalalake Elementary School. Some pupils performed adorable dances and songs, also did “Chicken Dance” Picture2with hair designers as an energizer to start a day with positive and enthusiastic vibe. 18 chairs were set up at the hallway in front of a conference room. First, 18 hair designers gave a haircut to 150 pupils. Pupils were waiting in a conference room until their name was called, so some of the Japanese people set up a body sticker area and a bubble area to entertain pupils. Thus, pupils did not get bored while they were waiting.

Some of the hair designers were new to this event, so they requested interpretation of what kind of hairstyle pupils wanted. However, most of the pupils were requesting one or two trend hairstyle such as “Fishcut” meaning Mohawk for boys, and trimming and V-cut for girls. Hence, interpreters were not needed later at the event. Some of the experienced hair designers, who have done this event twice or three Picture3times, had a handmade brochure, which has a few selections of hairstyles, so then pupils could easily choose what hair style they want. All those effort of hair designers led to complete the haircut for 150 pupils in the morning.

Hair designers were surprised about the amount and frequency of snack culture in the Philippines since there is no morning snack in Japan. They had Pancit, Filipino fried noodles, and siomai, Chinese dumplings serve as dim sum, as snack in the morning offered by Kalalake Elementary School. All of them assumed that it was lunch. After the haircut for 150 pupils, the real lunch from Jollibee were offered by the birthday pupil’s parents. Most of the hair designers said, “I am too full to eat! What should I do?” Regardless, most of them were Japanese enough to finish their lunch in order to show politeness and appreciation for people who offered. That is Japanese culture and etiquette for food.haircut kalalake2

While everyone was on lunch break, three Action Inc. staffs received a haircut since it was a birthday for an intern Ms. Yurisa Fujimori. Mr. Yutaka Itoh, a leader of None Profit Organization for hair designer in Japan called Woody Chicken, was generous enough to offer a haircut to not only the birthday girl but also two other staffs. We understand how pupils felt during haircut. It was full of excitement to see the new look.

After lunch break, more pupils came for haircut after lunch. Some of the parents pushed their children to sit in an empty chair since their haircut was well done. A total of approximately 220 pupils received a haircut during this event.