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Day 2 of Internship Workcamp by Miyuki Sugimura

Today is a busy and substantial day. We had a lot of experience. IMG_2253First, we listened Tatay’s talk. He told us the history of his child care facility.

When he started this facility, he could only accept one boy because he did not have enough money. However, there are 14 children now in the facility. He claimed that even if you do not have enough money, your dream can come true, but the most important thing is passion. I was impressed by his words and his passion striked me.

After that, we visited Castillejos market. There are many shops and many goods hanged on the market shelves. I was surprised that this market is so different from the ones in Japan. It is so lively and exciting. IMG_2258I ate fried banana for the first time. It was not expensive but delicious.

After our lunch, we learned about NPO-ACTION. We learned that the staffs in NPO-ACTION have to manage variouIMG_2251s works, and most difficult work is fund raising. Then, we tried to do fund raising ideas and went to the Karate lesson to do needs analysis for Karate no chikara. We also observed Karate lesson. The children and instructor seemed to really love the lesson.

Finally, we ate dinner with children in their IMG_2277cottage. At first, I was nervous because I wasn’t used to play with children. However, we became good friends soon. I’m looking forward to playing with children again.

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