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Day 1 of Intern Work Camp by Riona Gomi

August 24, 2016IMG_2249

All of us landed in Manila airport in the afternoon. We got in two vans and left the airport for a child care facility. We enjoyed talking, looking at the landscape, and sleeping while traveling.

I saw a landscape and found many shops which you can see in Japan, such as McDonald, Starbucks, Seven-Eleven, and so on. We stopped at Jollibee to eat dinner.

I chose one kind of special meal set, spaghetti, fried chicken, rice, spring roll, and ice-cream! Jollibee staff were very friendly and kind, and seemed to enjoy working.

IMG_2250After we left Jollibee, it took about an hour to arrive at the child care facility. When we arrived, it was raining heavily. We carried our baggage to our rooms, and started a meeting. At the meeting, we introduced ourselves and played a game to memorize everyone’s name. We heard the visitors’ rules and the intern program schedule by Ms. Machiko.

After the meeting, we went back to our rooms and slept. I swore to myself that I will work hard in this work camp!

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