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Dance Study Tour

For the first time ever, ACTION organized a Dance Study Tour for 6 female Japanese visitors from August 3 to 8, 2016. These Japanese created a flash mob dance routine. The dance routine was then taught to the kids of the 2 residential care facilities they  visited. Aside from this, the Japanese also taught their choreography to about 35 kids from other 3 residential care facilities and some lower income communities at ACTION’s Chikara Project Studio.

The 5 minute-flash mob dance routine was performed by the Japanese visitors with 80 kids at the Activity Center of Harbor Point Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone on August 6, 2016.

The flash mob is a new and unforgettable experience to the kids. They were so proud to have done the dance with the Japanese visitors. The Japanese visitors also had fun. One of them said, “It was a great experience teaching dance and performing with the kids. I really enjoyed the flash mob!”.

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