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Beauty Beyond Vanity

photo credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 2016

Project Coordinator,
A Child’s Trust is Ours to Nurture (ACTION)

This social worker helps lead ACTION’s Power of Scissors project, an empowerment program created to equip marginalized teens with hairstyling skills.

WHY I GIVE BACK: “I do not consider my work as giving back to society. I am just doing what I want to do. I just fell in love with this organization’s goal, vision and mission.”

BEYOND SKIN-DEEP: “I believe that beauty comes from inside. People are beautiful when they are doing something with passion. They smile, are positive, and see beauty. They are more confident and independent, so they can help and support others.”

THE ROUGH STUFF: “Communication is still challenging since I come from a different background from the people I work with. I had a hard time adjusting to their style. I’m trying to learn Tagalog and take more time to communicate similarly.”

A WORTHY CAUSE: “There are challenges, but also priceless rewards. You’ll never regret helping. Just do it and don’t give up.”

excerpt from “FUN and FEARLESS: Beauty Beyond Vanity”, COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE, August 2016, 106-107

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