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AKO PARA SA BATA: The International Conference in Manila

Two ACTION staffs were chosen by Consuelo Foundation to attend the AKO PARA SA BATA International Conference with the theme: The Science and Art of Parenting Children Today last November 30, 2017 and December 1, 2017 at SMX Convention Center Manila.  This Conference was conducted by Child Protection Network and UNICEF Philippines.


The two-day Conference consist of simultaneous sessions concerning parenting. The first day started with an invocation and National Anthem led by Virlanie Voices followed by an opening remark of Dr. Stella G. Manalo, MD, Conference Chair Director. Afterwards, Sandra S. Hernandez, MD, Scientific Committee Chair gave an overview of the conference and then followed by the Special Message of Mr. Daniel Pruce, British Ambassador to the Philippines.

The morning program continued to a plenary sessions. Topics discussed were:  Parenting 101: What is Parenting, Parenting 7610: Parenting Support and Violence Prevention, Parenting 14344: Parenting Children with Disabilities and Parenting +632: Parenting in OFW Families. Generally, the four sessions dealt with the importance of the presence of parents in the growth development of their children.

The afternoon program continued with simultaneous sessions, and the staffs of ACTION attended the session of Parenting Teens: Talking to teens with Very Important Things. This session imparted knowledge in dealing with, and initiating small talks with their teenager beneficiaries.

On the last day of Conference the morning program started with an energizer led by Mr. Jamie M Lachman, DPhil, which all the participants seemed to have enjoyed. He then presented the first topic of plenary sessions which is Parenting 2-6: Masayang Pamilya. Masayang Pamilya Program is an intervention program for parents to practice positive discipline in parenting. It was followed by Parenting XOXO: Parenting the digital Generation followed by www.parenting: Online Parent Training.

After the plenary sessions, Ms. Pammy Godoy of Children Protection Network gave an inspirational speech. She emphasized that the role of parents to their children never ends especially during the stage when their children become teenager. She also advised teenage mothers to be strong for their children especially in during difficult times. And lastly for the families of victims of any form of abuse, she said that they should provide the love and support to their children.

Awarding of certificates to the graduates of Women and Children Protection Specialty Course and for the most valuable partner organizations.  Before the program ended, Ms. Lotta Sylwander, Representative of UNICEF Philippines gave the closing Remarks.

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Simultaneous sessions followed in the afternoon, the two ACTION staff attended Parenting Young Children. Topics includes Investing in Our Children’s First Years, Early Literacy: Reach out and Read, Positive Parenting and Age Appropriate intimate behaviour Among Filipinos: Perspective of the Child and the parent.

ACTION expresses its gratitude to Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation its staff the much needed opportunity to participate in AKO PARA SA BATA International Conference. Thank you very much!



Michelle T. Tayao

Project Officer

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