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ACTION’s Educational Assistance Project SY: 2017-2018

It’s back to school! The time where a child gains knowledge inside the four corners of the classroom. Aside from learning, there is also the excitement that comes with having a new set of school supplies and also wearing new uniforms. To make sure that the children from the residential facilities and partner communities of ACTION will also have their school supplies and uniforms, sponsors wholeheartedly gave the budget for this cause.

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A total of ninety two (92) students from Kinder 2 to Grade 11 levels from partner communities received school supplies. The children were happy to have their own writing supplies such as pens, pencils and crayons that can help showcase their creativity.

Center for Youth (CFY) and Social Development Center (SDC) were provided with complete set of uniforms. These include slacks, polo, t-shirts, socks and handkerchiefs for the eleven (11) male students of CFY, while blouses, skirts, jogging pants, black shoes and socks for the twenty one (21) female students of SDC. The children looked proper and proud wearing their uniforms.


On the other hand, the 17 (seventeen) students of which 8 are female and 9 are male from Jireh Children’s Home, Inc. (JCHI) were given school supplies and complete set of school uniforms each. The said school supplies include bags, notebooks, papers, pens and pencils, and other necessities that can help the children make their respective school projects; like assorted colors of cartolina, coloring materials, modeling clays, and a like. The children were all excited to go to school wearing their complete set of new uniforms.


In addition, the Grow People’s Will (GPW) scholarship is able to continue its grant to its 8 (3 female, 5 male) junior and senior high school scholars with complete sets of school supplies (bags, notebooks, papers, pens and pencils, etc.), school and PE uniforms including school shoes. To protect them from all kinds of weather, a quality brand of umbrella was also given to them.  On top of it, the GPW scholars are entitled to receive their transportation allowance and project fees for the whole school year. These scholars are being monitored with regards to their personal and academic situation thru the conduct of school visits, home visits and talking sessions. They are also duty bound to report at ACTION Office as part of their weekly monitoring.


Lindsay Jhen M. Kurais

Project Officer

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