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ACTION Receives a Generous Donation

PGA Sompo Insurance Corporation, one of the biggest Japanese insurance companies, recently gave a huge amount of donation to ACTION’s Hasami no Chikara (Power of Scissors) Project.

PCM_1602resACTION organized a ceremonial turn-over held on 27th February 2016 at its Chikara Studio in Olongapo City.  It was attended by 15 representatives of PGA Sompo Insurance Corporation, headed by Mr. Akira Kinoshita, its President and Chief Operating Officer; and another 35 which include Chikara beneficiaries and their chaperones, and ACTION staff, led by Mr. Hajime Yokota, Founder. Highlights of the program include the messages given by guests, and Chikara beneficiaries, and intermission numbers, and of course, the donation turnover.

Mr. Hajime Yokota began the program by giving a brief background on the Chikara Program, emphasizing on how it helps children’s development. Mr. Akira Kinoshita also introduced his company before giving an inspiring message to children. Mr. Kinoshita encouraged the beneficiaries of Chikara to pursue their aspirations in life.

The children from the Social Development Center and from Center for Youth showcased their dance skills to the enjoyment of everyone. In between the dance presentation there were 2 children who gave their testimonials during the program. Val (not her real name), one of the first beneficiaries of Hasami no Chikara (Power of Scissors)  thanked ACTION for the support it gave to her and other children as it has definitely helped her develop her skills.  Ann (not her real name), on the other hand, shared her experience in Karate no Chikara especially on how it helped her improve her self-confidence. She also wished for more children to benefit from ACTION’s project. Lastly, she expressed her gratefulness to ACTION, her instructor and sponsors for all of their assistance.PCM_1762res

Mr. Kinoshita, together with other representatives of PGA Sompo namely: Mr. Daisuke Shinkawa (Vice President) and Ms. Bea Coyiuto (Executive Assistant) awarded their huge cheque. It was received by Mr. Yokota, in behalf of ACTION and its beneficiaries.

In appreciation of the generous deed, ACTION also gave a certificate of recognition to PGA Sompo Insurance Corporation which was received by Mr. Kinoshita.

Before the program ended Mr. Shinkawa delivered the closing remark.  He said that he is happy to be able to help the beneficiaries of ACTION. Mr. Shinkawa also expressed that he enjoyed the programme, especially the dance presentation of the children.

ACTION is very  grateful to PGA Sompo Insurance Corporation especially to its representatives led by Mr. Akira Kinoshita,  for its bigheartedness to help ACTION; not only for the cheque but for the tee shirts given to the Chikara beneficiaries as well.  Arigatou gozaimasu.

Photo credit: Peter Marquez


MG Esperas

Project Officer