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ACTION Conducts Midterm Assessment

Thirteen (13) ACTION Inc. staff and a volunteer have successfully finished ACTION’s 2016 Operational Plan Midterm Assessment on 27 and 28 July 2016. In general, the activity aimed to find out where ACTION is in realizing its 2016 Operational Plan. In order to achieve this, the staff looked back into the result of the 2016 Program Implementation Review; and the 5-year Strategic Plan, and 2016 Operational Plan. This review was the springboard for the assessment of the 2016 Operational Plan.

Accomplishments, and the challenges faced regarding the program, and administrative and finance matters were reported and discussed. Needed modification in the 2016 Operational Plan, and the Work and Financial was also made to ensure their relevance and responsiveness to the needs of the people, especially to the children ACTION serves.

To break the monotony of the workshops, some staff facilitated mind-boggling but funny ice breakers.


ACTION will continue implementing its programs that are centered on building community awareness on child’s rights and responsibilities, supporting the needs of select children in their schooling, facilitating developmental activities for children and adults, and providing livelihood opportunity to low income families.

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