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ACTION Chikara Dance Recital and Karate Exhibition 2016!

ACTION held its 3rd Annual Dance Recital and Karate Exhibition on 28th May 2016, with special guests Hand Sign dance crew, a famous Japanese dance group in Japan.

Participants of ACTION’s Dance no Chikara (Power of Dance) and Karate no Chikara (Power of Karate) Projects showcased their skills in dance and karate at the Olongapo City National High School Quadrangle. They performed in front of a crowd of 150 fellow children, parents/guardians, friends, supporters, ACTION staff and representatives from partner residential facilities for children.

Credit: Photography no Chikara beneficiaries

Participating facilities and organization include People’s Recovery Empowerment and Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation (Home for Boys and Home for Girls), Tayo Ang Tining At Gabay (TATAG) Inc.,Olongapo City Social Welfare-managed facilities Social Development Center and Center for Youth, and International Children’s Advocate – Niños Pag-asa Center. The Hand Sign Dance group, their manager and a former ACTION volunteer who was with them, also observed the presentations.

The audience applauded as the children performed the dance numbers and Karate routines that they practiced for months. The program was full of energy, hosted by ACTION Staff, Ms. Mara Esperas and Chikara Program’s Dance Instructor, Mr. Ferdinand “Bong” Thelmo. The children enthusiastically gave life to the wonderfully choreographed dance numbers. The presentations were lively and varied with different forms of street and folk dances.

Credit: Photography no Chikara beneficiaries

The Karate exhibition was masterfully led by Chikara Program’s Karate instructors, Mr. Jim Rabaca and Mr. Joshua Maquiran showing the different techniques they taught the children. The instructors had nothing but good words to say about the participants and the partner facilities that welcomed them. They encouraged the children to continue their training and hone their craft.

Credit: Photography no Chikara beneficiaries

Prior to the event, Hand Sign taught a dance number to some of the children which the latter also performed at the event. Afterwards, Hand Sign performed one of their signature dance numbers. Hand Sign is known for incorporating sign language into their dance numbers. They also invited everyone watching to join them as they taught simple dance steps with sign language. Before closing the program, Ms. Obikawa of ACTION awarded a certificate of appreciation to Hand Sign for visiting the country and for inspiring the children. She also gave a closing remarks saying that she is thankful to everyone, especially to the partner facilities who welcomed Hand Sign to visit to their respective facilities.

This activity serves to remind the children that despite their difficult circumstances, they can accomplish anything when they put their heart and mind into it.


MG Esperas
Project Officer

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