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ACTION and Oilganics Against Head Lice

Head lice infestation might be one of the problems of residential care facilities concerning children’s health. Keeping those nasty bugs away require more than just observing proper hygiene of children, cleaning their personal items and constant supervision from adults. That is why ACTION initiated the head lice treatment of the children and staff from Jireh Children’s Home, Inc. (JCHI), one of its partner residential care facilities located in Castillejos, Zambales.

OILGANICS 2The treatment involves using a natural-based shampoo every day for two consecutive months.  The shampoo products were purchased by ACTION from the Rhodesian Sales Corporation, the manufacturer and distributor of Oilganics Head Lice Treatment shampoo. Fortunately, they shared the same values for children’s hygiene and welfare. They gave ACTION a discounted rate for their product and even conducted a seminar on how to prevent and cure head lice infestation.


On June 23, 2018, eighteen (18) children and six (6) staff of JCHI, including their Executive Director, Mr. Joel Alviar, and five (5) Hasami no Chikara (Power of Scissors) students attended the Anti-Kuto Seminar. The activity was conducted by seven (7) staff from Oilganics and was held from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at ACTION Chikara Project Studio in Olongapo City. They discussed how head lice are acquired and how it can be prevented and cured using their product. A demonstration on how to use the shampoo was also done to all the children.

OILGANICS 1After the seminar, JCHI staff happily received the shampoo supply and nit combs or suyod sufficient for all the children. They were also optimistic that they can finally get rid of the head lice problem of the children in their residential care facility.

By investing on children’s health and hygiene, ACTION made an effort to live by its mission to enable communities and stakeholders to realize child’s rights and achieve a better quality of life. In this activity, focus was given to children’s right to a healthy body and clean lifestyle.


Prepared by:

Evangeline Grace J. Balais

Project Coordinator

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