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2018 1st Karate Promotional Examination, Osu!

ACTION conducted its 1st Karate Promotional Examination for the Karate no Chikara (Power of Chikara) this year. The promotional examination was conducted last January 27, 2018 at ACTION Chikara Studio and was attended by 18 children (11 girls and 7 boys) from Jireh Children’s Home, People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation Home for Boys and Home for Girls, Center for Youth (CFY) and Tayo Ang Ting At Gabay (TATAG) Inc.

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This activity was facilitated by Senpai Hajime Yokota, Founder/ Executive Director of ACTION Inc., and assisted by Mr. Jim Edison Rabaca, assistant Karate instructor. The examination started from warm-up to basic techniques of Karate. With Mr. Rabaca, Senpai Yokota demonstrated the body posture and offense and defence stances using the Karate Techniques. They checked the position of children from time to time. Afterwards, the children presented the Kata according to their belt rank.

At the end of the examination, all of the children performed the Kata well and got promoted. Senpai Yokota said that all of them showed determination and discipline during the Promotional Examination. Eight (8) of the children acquired white belt rank. They will also be given of complete set of uniform for free. Nine (9) were promoted to orange belt and one 1 to blue belt. All of the children were very happy with the result.



Michelle T. Tayao

Project Officer

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