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2017 Zambales Dojo 2nd Karate Promotion, Osu!

On July 15, 2017, ACTION, Inc. organized its 2nd Karate Promotional Examination for the year 2017 for the Karate no Chikara (Power of Karate) beneficiaries.

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This promotional examination was conducted in 2 venues, first was in Jireh Children’s Home, Inc., Kyukoshin Zambales Dojo and was attended by 24 (16 girls, 8 boys) beneficiaries from Jireh Children’s Home, People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance (PREDA) Foundation Home for Boys and Home for Girls. The second venue was at ACTION Chikara, Project Studio, Olongapo City and there were 17 (7 girls, 10 boys) beneficiaries attended from Social Development Center (SDC), Center for Youth (CFY), Tayo Ang Tinig At Gabay (TATAG) Inc. and children from massage training participants.

The Promotional Examination determines and rewards the improvement in the Karate skills and techniques of the children. They were given uniforms and belts corresponding to the ranks given as evaluated by the instructor. This activity was facilitated by Senpai Hajime Yokota, Founder/ Executive Director of ACTION Inc., and assisted by Mr. Jim Edison Rabaca, Assistant Karate Instructor.
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The promotional activity they started with a warm-up, followed by  a demonstration of basic Karate techniques and Kata presentation according to their rank or belt. Senpai Yokota with Mr. Rabaca demonstrated defence and offense using the Karate Techniques and from time to time they both check the Karate position of the children.

At the end of the promotional exam, all of the children were promoted because they have shown the required knowledge and skills expected of them. 36 children were promoted to Mukyu (white belt), 2 were promoted to 10th kyu (orange belt) and 3 to 9th kyu (orange strip). The children were happy with the result of the promotion especially those who just received their first Karate uniforms.


By: Mara Ginarie A. Esperas

Project Officer

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