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1st Batch of Hasami no Chikara (Power of Scissors) Graduation

After four years of Hasami no Chikara (Power of Scissors) Training, ACTION proudly congratulates the 5 female beneficiaries who successfully completed the training out of 16 original participants in 2013.

From the five, only three of them successfully accomplished the documents in traveling to Japan while the other two encountered problems in processing their papers. The other two also celebrated their graduation at JuRo Salon in Taguig owned by their Filipino instructors Mr. Jude Hipolito and Ms. Rose Velasco.

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The said 3 children went to Japan on the 17th May 2017 and stayed there until the 24th of the month. They did actual haircutting demo for the Woody Chicken Group (this is a group of different Japanese hair stylist in Japan). They were also asked to observe and assist the staff and clients in Canvass Salon and Salon SORA. These Hair Salons are owned by Mr. Hiroshi Koyomazaki and Mr. Yoshinori Kitahara, respectively. Both of them are Japanese professional hair stylist and have served as instructors of the children. Moreover, the children had the chance to experience Japan Disneyland and Meiji Shrine. The children also visited Dada Design Academy where they have observed basic haircutting and hair coloring. The children were very fortunate to have met Mr. Nishido Yuji, the writer of 40 days haircut guide book which they used.

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On the 23rd day of May, the most awaited day of the children has come, their graduation day. This was conducted at SUMIDA School of Beauty Specialist. One of the highlights of the program is the demonstration of graduates of the skills they have learned in their training, in 10 minutes. One showcased her haircutting techniques while the other two did hair styling. The graduates also gave their message which made them and their instructors a bit emotional. Afterwards the instructor also shared how these projects changed their life and personality.

As part of the program, there was a video presentation showing the 4 year-long journey of haircutting training of the 5 graduates.


On the other hand, the two children who were not able to go to Japan had their graduation on the 12th of June 2017 at JuRo Salon. This was also attended by Mr. Hiroshi Koyomazaki and Mr. Ryo Sato, Principal of SUMIDA School of Beauty Specialist.

The 2 graduates were very happy because they did not expect the surprise planned for them such as dining in a Korean Restaurant, receiving cash gift for shopping, having their hair fixed in Juro Salon, receiving souvenirs from Japan and hair cutting materials like scissors and comb. They did appreciate that their instructor Mr. Hipolito and Ms. Velasco closed their Salon just to give way for their graduation.

All the graduates were very much happy and thankful to ACTION, instructors, sponsors and to everyone who gave them the chance to experience this once in a lifetime and life changing opportunity.



Mara Ginarie Esperas

Project Officer

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